How to take control of menopause using the healing power of everyday foods and get your life back
Yes - it is possible to massively reduce or even eliminate many of the debilitating effects of menopause and recover your old self, feel completely in control and normal again

What I do

Reveal Your Symptomatic Profile

*Did you know the interaction of your predominant physical traits and body type with the predominant elemental characteristics of the food you eat is what causes your menopause symptoms?

3 Day Super Rebalance

This powerful yet very simple healing nutrition protocol is astounding people with just how much better they feel  (and how much weight they lose!) in just 3 days!

Targeted Hormone Balancing Meal Plans

Let me do the hard work and make it easy for you to get on top of your menopause symptoms with targeted healing meal plans!

Mastering Menopause: A Nutritional Approach

A transformational 6-week program that has helped women in Australia, UK and US reduce menopausal symptoms by up to 80%, lose up to 4.5kg weight, balance hormones, improve energy and sleep and feel amazing!


"Thank you! The ease of the program and the results I have achieved are fantastic. It is great to feel "normal" again." 
Melissa (UK). 3 Day Protocol - Lost 2kgs in 3 days!!! 
"When someone practically cooks it for you it's so simple".

Sam (Los Angeles). 6 Week Mastering Menopause Program. Lost 10lbs in 6 weeks. 72% reduction in symptoms
"Simplicity of the meals both in preparation and availability of ingredients"
Georgia (UK). Meal plans.
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